Our Social Mission - #crownandprideyourlife


What does it mean to...Crown + Pride Your Life?

It means that in the core of your being, you believe in women...

Embracing Confidence
Choosing Happiness
Loving Their Bodies and Themselves


We are on a mission to support women in feeling that it is amazing to be confident in who they are. We want women to be proud of their strengths, their minds, their bodies and their personalities. We are done with apologizing for who we are, and feeling like we need to minimize ourselves.

Everyone comes from a different walk of life, but we believe happiness is a choice. We are here to support all women on their path to making that choice for themselves. Happiness is freedom.

There is a lot of noise surrounding how people should or shouldn't live their lives. We are cutting through that noise and sending the message that whatever you choose for your body, your mind and your life is yours to own and we love you for it.

At Crown + Pride, we genuinely believe that loving yourself is the absolute first step to loving and helping others, as well as making positive changes on both micro and macro scales. Eat a cheese burger. Get Botox. Wear makeup. Shave your head. As long as it makes you feel like the best version of yourself, we are behind you.

We are on a mission to spread #selflove through our original designs. We want to put smiles on women's faces, confidence in their minds and genuine self love in their hearts. 

THAT is what it means to #CrownAndPrideYourLife