Our Social Mission - #crownandprideyourlife


What does it mean to...Crown + Pride Your Life?

It means that in the core of your being, you believe in women...

Embracing Confidence
Choosing Happiness
Loving Their Bodies and Themselves


In a year and a world where loving one another and accepting everyone is a bigger social issue than ever, Crown + Pride believe it must start first with loving yourself. Just like a house won’t stay up if the foundation is unstable, we must love ourselves first in order to love and accept others. In order to make a genuine change in the world, we believe we have to do more than preach. We have to act and be. The only people’s actions we can control however, are our own. By starting with ourselves and leading by example, we believe we can genuinely make small and large changes in our society. We want young girls to get in the habit of loving themselves before they grow up and we want older women to realize that what they may have been taught years ago isn’t the only way.

We want girls and women to be proud of their strengths and pick out things they love about themselves, not what they hate about themselves. We want to help them be proud of their personalities and the way their minds work whether that’s through intelligence, humor, empathy or leadership. We want to encourage them to go all in on their strengths, not exhausting themselves by trying to improve their weaknesses. If a woman receives a compliment we want her to feel comfortable saying “thank you” not “I look horrible” or “I’m a mess”, as we all so often do on an unconscious level.

We believe happiness is a choice and hope to help women learn to choose happiness for themselves. Every woman’s version of happiness will be different from one another and we are here to support whatever it is that makes that individual feel their absolute best. There Is no “Right Way to Be” in our minds.

When you see the hashtag #crownandprideyourlife it means you adopt this philosophy and truly believe in these things at a core level.

Body suits are a beautiful, confidence inducing, strong, feminine piece of clothing and that is exactly what Crown + Pride celebrates every day