Our Story

Put together, sexy, confident, influential, empowered, authentic, courageous, fearless. 

That is how our founder Heather Loduca feels when she puts on a body suit.

"It's something about the form fit and clean lines mixed with the simplicity of putting together an outfit that makes them my favourite"

Crown + Pride is a women's clothing label that makes bodysuits in a number of different styles suited for many of life's outfits. Going to work, dance, working out, yoga, hanging out with friends, evenings out, travel. The list goes on. Our body suits are originally designed with comfort, style, common sense and versatility at the forefront of each new idea. 

We bring that "Jeans and a t-shirt approach" to a leveled up type of outfit. When wearing a body suit, almost all of the time you only ever have to worry about one other thing. What you are going to wear on the bottom. This makes dressing, travelling, packing and putting together outfits suuuper easy. 

We personify a lifestyle and a message in our bodysuits. 

The Crown + Pride Brand encourages women to love their bodies, their minds and themselves. We believe that self love is the number one thing to practice for living a happy life, loving others and making a positive impact on the world. We want women to be proud of their strengths, accept compliments with humility and grace and focus on the things they are proud of. 

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