Featured Blogger: @thedelilahblog

Get to know Kristen!

Kristin Pitman started The Delilah Blog about a year ago and has grown and audience very quickly. We asked her why she chose that name (since her name is Kristin) and it basically has to do with big hair, a bible story and Australia! You can read her full story here.

Kristin says her style changes every day. She enjoys casual wear for the most part and makes sure her outfits are always put together. She will go for comfort over high end pieces. 

When asked about her social media presence Kristin told us that she has embraced Instagram stories as she says it brings back a lot of "realness" to the blogging world. 

Aside from blogging and looking fabulous - she is a full time Nanny, recently married has a puppy and is expecting her first baby in August!! She would love to transition into mommy blogging as well.

Kristin is a woman of many artistic talents and wears the hat of Music Teacher a few nights a week teaching the piano. 

Her dream travel destinations include a backpacking trip around Europe and she would also like to visit New Zealand.

We asked her what she is watching on Netflix right now. With lots of favorites, Kristin is currently obsessing over Modern Family and The Bachelor 

One of her favorite books is the romance novel "The Girl on the Train".

A woman of many talents, Kristin intends to continue growing her blog and raise her family. A vision and plan that is embodied in her favorite quote below.

There are far far better things ahead

than any we leave behind. 

- CS. Lewis