Featured Blogger @thebodytypestylist

Meet Jenn Loyd from Phoenix, Arizona!

33 year old Jenn is our first #featuredblogger from the US and she runs a great blog thebodytypestylist.com

Jenn's blog is all about body types and outfit inspiration. She offers many different types of outfits and clothing ideas for all of the different body types. It's great. If you have a holiday coming up or a special event and your stuck - you can go to Jenn's blog, click your body type and get specific suggestions that work best for you.

She's always been interested in fashion, has a heart for women and loves to support their true beauty. 

She is a full time blogger, wife and mom to two daughters who are 1 and 4.

Jenn also wears the hat of Personal Stylist. She first discovers the type of style her clients want to protray. She then edits their closet to make sure it fits their body type, style and personality. After the closet edit, Jenn photographs all of the pieces that will stay and clients have full access to a digital look-book that she updates for them with the items they already own as well as new items. She puts outfits together in categories to ensure everything stays organized and easy for her clients. 

Her future plans include reaching more women and doing monthly style segments on her local TV station. 

Her dream travel destination is Paris and she is currently binge watching "The Handmaids Tale" when she has time for some tv streaming.

We asked Jenn what her favorite fashion trend is right now and she told us she is really loving everything floral.

Her fav quote is below!

"Don't wish for it, work for it"
- unknown








Get in touch: jenn@thebodytypestylist.com

We would also highly recommend you follow her on Instagram for beautiful pics!!!