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Meet Roslyn Costanzo from @styleforage !!!!

We'll start off by being clear that it's "Style Forage" and not "Style For Age"

The 38 year old Mom of two lives in Toronto and is originally from Niagara. She's been blogging for about 6 years on www.styleforage.com

Roslyn has become known for finding good deals, and being that source for her circle of knowing where to get the pieces that people are looking for. Her followers look to her for budget fashion finds. 

Roslyn has lately also been moving into focusing on quality pieces that are still affordable. Instead of grabbing 3 new pairs of trendy H&M Jeans, she'll grab one pair of designer jeans that she'll get a ton of wears out of and have for longer. 

In addition to blogging, Roslyn wears the hat of Mommy to 6 year old Viggo and 2 year old Gigi. She is also a freelance writer for the Huffington Post covering parenting and lifestyle topics.

Roslyn describes her personal style as "anything with jeans", casual vibes with a bit of mixing and matching with casual and dressy tops. Her go-to look more often than not is ripped jeans with a top. 

Her favourite Toronto restaurant is Bar Isabel which is a Spanish style restaurant on College Street. 

We asked her what her dream travel destination is and she told us about the coolest spot! Roslyn wants to travel to the Kingdom of Tonga which is a Polynesian Island in the South Pacific. The plan is to swim with humpback wales (For REAL!! How cool is that?!)

She is currently bingeing 'Big Little Lies' on Netflix and although Roslyn isn't too into Quotes... she does like to remind her self to...

"Don't sweat the small stuff"
- unknown


Get in touch: roslyn@styleforage.com