Featured Blogger: @nudelipdiaries

Meet this week's featured blogger Stephanie Ehmke!

Stephanie Ehmke is an (almost) 24 year old (Happy Early Birthday!!) from Toronto.

She is the power house behind nudelipdiaries.com a blog about all things beauty. Stephanie does a weekly lip diary, where she talks about what lip stick she wore and why she wore it. It's cute! You can check it out here.

We asked Stephanie what she is feeling right now in makeup and she told us she is loving colour pop lipsticks and liquid lipsticks (we couldn't agree more, liquid lipsticks are just the best invention).

In addition to blogging about makeup and skin care, Stephanie also wears the hat of social media manager and sales at a retail store. 


Her future plan - if possible, would be  to take the nude lip diaries full time. She is highly educated and attended George Brown College and Carlton University to study digital media marketing. 

Stephanie describes her style as quirky and comfortable and classic. It tends to change each morning with her mood and how she feels that day.

She is currently watching...

  1. Scandal
  2. How to Get Away With Murder
  3. Gilmore Girls (Her guilty pleasure)

Europe is Stephanie's dream travel destination. Although she isn't making it this summer, she is travelling to Chicago!

Her favorite quote is... 

"I'm a daydreamer and a night thinker"
- unknown
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