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Meet Sarah Nonis!

This creative is originally from Milton and now lives in Toronto.

 Sarah went to McMaster University and now works full time as a field manager in experiential marketing. She absolutely loves her job. 

In her spare time, she is blogging and instagramming beautiful fashion and beauty photos on http://www.lovesarahn.com/blog

We asked Sarah what her dream travel destination is and she told us she would love to go to Tokyo and South America to explore Machu Picchu.

Sarah describes her style as loving to wear bright colours and challenging "traditional guidelines". A Californa girl with her own twist. Her main points to hit are comfort and feeling confident.

One of her Favourite Movies is Almost famous (which we feel ironically she is channeling in the featured pic)

Sarah talked to us about her favorite trend of 2017. She likes colored sunglasses & over sized denim jackets (couldn't resignate more).

This beauty has awesome goals to grow her blog, build her brand and grow as a writer. 

Check her out lovesarahn.com
 and to get in touch with her you can email her at lovesarah.noel@gmail.com