Featured Blogger @bodybyquynh

Meet Quynh! (pronounced Quinn) a Fitness and Lifestyle Blogger from Toronto (but is a Habs fan #smh)


She is new to the game, only blogging for 2 months and active on Instagram for a bit longer.

Quynh attended Paramedic School and now works full time in retail at a clothing store. In her spare time she blogs for fun about all of her favorite things.

Her dream travel destinations include England, Paris and Italy.

We asked Quynh what her current Netflix addiction is and without a hesitation excitedly announced she LOOOVESSS Pretty Little Liars. 

Her favorite Toronto Restaurant is R & D. Asian style, located in the heart of China Town. 

Quynh describes her style as classic, chic and peppy.

Her favorite quote resonates very strongly with her life and style. And we have to admit, it resonates pretty strongly with Crown + Pride too. 

"The Strongest action for a woman to take is to love her self, be herself and shine among those who never believed she could"

- Unknown


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